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  • Lockngo Pro  151)   Lockngo Pro 2.10
    Protects removable media such as USB keys and hard drives and SmartMedia

  • Purge-it  152)   Purge-it 1.21
    Purge-it! allows the End-User to take a look inside his System, see what Programs are running, which Ports are open The User does choose what happens to his system, and can clean himself from various Malware such as Backdoor, Trojans and Spyware.

  • AB File Encryptor  153)   AB File Encryptor 3.08
    A small utility that allows you to encrypt securily any file with sensitive data. Once the file is encrypted, he cannot be decrypted with any other tool. You can encrypt one or more files or a directory with all the files contained.

  • PC Police Gold  154)   PC Police Gold 1.0.0
    PC Police Gold is a complete secret keylogger, Internet and folder tracker, and copied text for Microsoft (R) Windows (TM). It utilizes advanced and powerful features.

  • Copysafe PDF Converter  155)   Copysafe PDF Converter 2.0
    CopySafe PDF provides the most secure copy protection for eBook and PDF documents with the option of also preventing forwarding and unauthorized distribution. Ideal for secure distribution anywhere, whether by download or on CD.

  • Eyes&Ears  157)   Eyes&Ears 1.8
    A surveillance video/audio surveillance application that supports motion/sound sensing with SMTP and FTP support

  • Excel Password Recovery Wizard  158)   Excel Password Recovery Wizard 2.0.2
    Excel Password Recovery Wizard provides you with a friendly interface to recover Excel passwords in a flash. The built-in attack profiles enable rapid password recovery with only one key press. Recovery success is guaranteed.

    6 Top-algorithms; encodes files and mail; Digital Signature; Integrity-Check using SHA256; SecretKeys expansion and pre-encoding; Wipe-File Module, Auto-Encode, Paranoia Keyboard(c) and MUCH MORE!

  • Mareew Free Eraser  160)   Mareew Free Eraser 1.5.9
    Ensure confidentiality of sensitive data by erasing files completely and securely. Free Eraser gets rid of sensitive information finally and completely by scrupulously wiping the content of the files and meticulously messing up its metadata.

  • Easy File Protector  161)   Easy File Protector 5.128
    Easy File Protector a password protected security utility to restrict access to files and folders by user-defined time schedule. Files and folders become undeletable, unrenamable, unreadable, unmodifiable, and unexecutable.

  • Secure-It  162)   Secure-It 1.25
    Secure-It is a local Windows security hardening tool, proactively secure your PC by either disabling the intrusion and propagation vectors proactively or simply reduce the attack surface by disabling unimportant functions.

  • HandyCrypto  163)   HandyCrypto 3.0
    HandyCrypto hides folders and secures files with on-the-fly AES encryption. With HandyCrypto, there is no need to decrypt each file before you use it and re-encrypt it again when you're done, you just use the encrypted files as normal.

  • Chop  164)   Chop 1.504
    Program for splitting large files for easier distribution with CRC, CL access and simple Encryption. Files can be split by either the number of files that you want, the maximum file size, or you can use preset common sizes for floppies, CDs, etc...

  • Crypto Speak  165)   Crypto Speak 1.6
    Encrypted Voice-over-IP using an utterly paranoid level of encryption. Uses very long AES and RSA keys, all automatically generated. Nice simple interface and source included.

  • DirMonitor  168)   DirMonitor 1.3.5
    DirMonitor permits you to watch every activity carried out in the folders and files you decide to monitor. All the actions will remain logged and encrypted by the program.

  • Stealth Recorder Pro  169)   Stealth Recorder Pro 1.21
    You can secretly record any sounds by real-time MP3/WMA supporting Voice Activation System and transfer them automatically by email or FTP in perfect stealth mode. Remote control feature included. You can send voice message to anybody by e-mail also.

  • AsterWin 1.10  170)   AsterWin 1.10
    Reveal the password stored behind the asterisks.

  • Ardorsoft Privacy Guard  171)   Ardorsoft Privacy Guard 2.0
    Powerful encryption function, 448-bits encryption. No backdoors, no password stored.Compressing with high rate while encrpting. Built-in file shredder. Complete deletion of data. Integrated with Windows Explorer. Drag and drop support.

  • Carry it Easy +Plus  172)   Carry it Easy +Plus
    Turn your portable storage device (e.g. USB Flash Drive, external HDD, iPod or MP3 Player) into a powerful tool. Protect your data, backup or sync your Outlook, sync your files and internet favorites and compress all data to save space. It's Easy!

  • Xprotector  173)   Xprotector 1.08
    Professional Software Protection System for Windows that uses a revolutionary technology against new age cracking. This technology provide robust protection in your shareware programs against cracking/reverse engineering.

  • PSM Encryptor  174)   PSM Encryptor 1.0
    PSM Encryptor is a cryptography and steganography tool. PSM Encryptor will encrypt any group of files (including whole directory structures) but will also disguise the resulting encrypted archive as a working sound or image file. Encrypts video too.

  • Keyring  175)   Keyring 1.0.1
    Store all your passwords, PIN's and account info in a single, securely encrypted file. Access them all through one, secure passphrase. Auto-generate new, uncrackable passwords. Easy to use program.

  • EXE Protector  176)   EXE Protector 2.03
    EXE Locker password protects any program currently residing on your hard drive. An attempt to run a program that's locked down will result in a dialoge box launching asking for the password.

  • PC-Alarm and Security System  177)   PC-Alarm and Security System 2.2.8
    Transforms PC into a burglar and fire alarm. Utilizes microphone to listen for fire and home alarms. Works with your web cam to detect intruders in and around your home or office. Notifies you via email,network messaging,pager or dial a phone.

  • SecuBox for Smartphone  178)   SecuBox for Smartphone 1.5
    SecuBox provides on-the-fly encryption of sensitive data stored on Windows Mobile smartphone and its media cards. Protects sensitive data even if the smartphone is lost or stolen.

  • Spylo PC Monitor  179)   Spylo PC Monitor 2.00
    Flexible security monitoring software for parents, small businesses etc. Logs screen shots, visited URLs, passwords, keystrokes, runned applications etc.

  • StrongDisk Pro  180)   StrongDisk Pro 3.0
    StrongDisk Pro is the most proven and reliable on-the-fly encryption software exists on the market. It makes a plain hard disk into a data strongbox that can be accessed by its owner only.

  • Advanced Word 95 Password Recovery  181)   Advanced Word 95 Password Recovery 1.20
    Forgot your password required to open a document created in Microsoft Word 2.0, 6.0 or 7.0 (95)? Don't worry, this utility will recover it in less than a second. Most non-English versions of Microsoft Word are supported.

  • SwitchBlade  182)   SwitchBlade 1.0
    Switchblade was created with one goal in mind. To make it harder for people to take images from your website. SwitchBlade will protect your images by cutting them in more than one image and also add alt tags to the html code generated for the image.

  • Sofonica Folder Lock Free  183)   Sofonica Folder Lock Free 1.3
    Sofonica Folder Soldier Free is the freeware which can protect your folders from unauthorized persons.It comes with password protection so that no one else could change its settings.It supports locking many folders in just a single click.

  • X-EXE  184)   X-EXE 1.7
    X-EXE is an easy-to-use, but powerful program for encrypting and protecting your data. With X-EXE, you can encrypt files of any type using secure RC6 algorithm. Besides, X-EXE supports steganography.

  • Advanced QuickBooks Password Recovery  185)   Advanced QuickBooks Password Recovery 1.07
    A program to recover lost or forgotten passwords to Intuit QuickBooks files (.QBW, .QBA). All passwords are recovered instantly; QuickBooks versions 4 through 2001 are supported.

  • Cryptex - 100 GB Vault  186)   Cryptex - 100 GB Vault 2
    Cryptex gives you laptop and information security by providing you with the ability to work directly out of an encrypted vault.

  • ConcealFiles  187)   ConcealFiles 3.1
    Hides your confidential files beneath a jpg file uses 256 Bits strong AES encryption. If you have a strong password, it's impossible to crack the file. The resulting file is fully portable and works across Platforms and even Email clients.

  • Kryptel  188)   Kryptel 6.2.1
    Good encryption software is a must wherever there are any data worth protection. Kryptel is serious encryption software based on strong cryptography. It uses top-grade ciphers and follows DoD recommendations for secure data deletion.

  • Magic Folders 01.8.1  189)   Magic Folders 01.8.1
    Make any folders you choose (and all the files within those folders) invisible to others.

  • Folder Password  190)   Folder Password 2.1
    Folder Password Expert is a software program that lets you restrict access to the folders containing your sensitive data. Secure your documents, prevent people from viewing, printing, or altering them.

  • abylon CRYPTDRIVE  191)   abylon CRYPTDRIVE 5.6
    Protect your files against illegal access with the abylon CRYPTDRIVE. The encrypted drives can be open (mount) with passwords, EC-MoneyCard, Health Insurance Card or Certificate Smartcard (PKCS) and use like a normal drive in the File Explorer.

  • Encrypt PDF Command Line  192)   Encrypt PDF Command Line 2.3
    Encrypt PDF software allows you to encrypt (using standard 40-bit or 128-bit supported by Acrobat Reader 5.0 and up) existing PDFs.

  • CHAOS Generator  193)   CHAOS Generator 2.2
    CHAOS Generator is an application designed to generate passwords of any length and character content

  • DotFix NiceProtect  194)   DotFix NiceProtect 4.6
    NiceProtect means external protection for your applications. Protection mechanism contents modern technologies of polymorphism, metamorphism and Virtual Machine protection. In addition, your program code may be packed with powerful packer engine.

  • ABC CHAOS  195)   ABC CHAOS 2.6
    What can you do with ABC CHAOS? Easily encrypt files into your personal data archive. You can be confident that the data is safely secured.

  • Keylogger Stopper  196)   Keylogger Stopper 2
    Keylogger Stopper is a sophisticated software to disable keylogger from working on your PC. Keylogger Stopper will monitor all keylogging activities and disable them by blocking and crippling their hooking processes.

  • Eraser 5.6  198)   Eraser 5.6
    An advanced security tool, which allows you to completely remove sensitive data from your hard drive.

  • Advanced Quicken Password Recovery  199)   Advanced Quicken Password Recovery 1.0
    A program to recover lost or forgotten passwords to Intuit Quicken files (.QDI, .QDB, .QDF). All passwords are recovered instantly; Quicken versions 4 through 2001 are supported.

  • PC Record  200)   PC Record 1.0
    PC Record is a security tool that allows you to monitor your PC EVERY single minute it is turned on! This application makes a virtual copy of EXACTLY what is on the screen at time intervals that YOU decide.

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